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Lula, studying BSc (Hons) Health and Social Policy
When I first met Sarah-Jane she was very lovely. I was really nervous but she made me feel comfortable and talked me through everything that we were going to do at the start of each session. She was really polite and easy to talk to, and was really helpful when I didn’t understand something. She was always really nice about repeating things as many times as I needed so I could fully understand how to use the software. Also, Sarah-Jane brought her step by step guides for me to refer to that were really easy to follow. The way she taught me to use the software was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to have taught me. Sarah-Jane is incredible at simplifying difficult information/software and without her I wouldn’t have known where to start or what to do. I am really glad that she was recommended for me, because I honestly don’t think that I would have enjoyed my sessions as much as I did if it hadn’t had been for Sarah-Jane’s personality and teaching ability.


William, studying BSc Psychology and Counselling
These training sessions have been unbelievably great and have revolutionised the way in which I learn at university. The sessions, most importantly, taught me how to integrate various software such as Audio Notetaker, MindView, ClaroCapture and Dragon Naturally Speaking together to make fantastic plans for essays, which undoubtedly account for my current good grades. Without these training sessions the software, although useful, would not nearly have had the same beneficial impact which Sarah-Jane’s training offers.


Rob, studying MSc Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling
Launchpad/Sarah-Jane helped me identify what areas were causing me difficulty, which of these could be addressed by technology, and guided me with the best ways of getting the most out of the technology. Sarah-Jane’s enthusiasm, patience and compassion allowed me to be honest about the things that cause me difficulty and get to the bottom of the problem. She was able to respond to this with real strategies I could apply to my work straight after the lessons.

Sarah-Jane was able to appreciate my inability to learn just by demonstration. I had to have a go myself. Sarah-Jane allowed me to work out how to do it for myself after receiving basic instruction, and as a result, the knowledge and experience have stayed with me. Sarah-Jane also took into account the fact that I can only work in short bursts and needed processing time after demonstrations and exercises.

The idea of having a stranger coming in to your home to show you how to use the software can be a bit scary. Whenever Sarah-Jane arrived, she arrived with a smile and was genuinely interested to hear about my course and other things cropped up over a cup of tea and biscuits before getting started on the software.

 In very broad terms, the sessions with Sarah-Jane have helped me in two ways. Firstly, they’ve obviously helped me to identify areas of difficulty and suggested strategies to overcome these. Secondly, and perhaps unexpectedly, the sessions helped me to identify additional things that I am already good at and which I have started to do more. For example, Sarah-Jane has a brilliant method of helping students to organise their study materials using the technology. Sarah-Jane helped me to realise I’m actually already really good at being organised, I just don’t always remember to do it. Since meeting with Sarah-Jane, I’ve really started to understand how the skills I already have can be used even better.

Additionally, using ClaroRead and ClaroCapture, Sarah-Jane has shown me ways I can complete my weekly seminar reading in less than half the time it used to take me and formulate notes to jog my memory when I’m in class. This all helps to consolidate my learning by making the process more efficient and being more strategic – concentrating my energy where I’ve going to get work done more quickly and to a better standard.

The discussions I’ve had with Sarah-Jane over the time we spent together have also meant that we’ve come up with ideas together. For example, my ability to get started with reading and then continue reading for lengthy periods of time is really not great. Since working with Sarah-Jane, I’ve discovered that I can set a timer for 10 minutes of reading. Usually now I find that I can read for 50 minutes at a time with a short break. My reading speed and reading comprehension have become much more advanced.

I would highly recommend Launchpad for Assistive Technology training. Sarah-Jane’s friendly approach mixed with cutting edge knowledge and close relationship with software developers makes the sessions highly useful, easily understood and have direct applications to my studies.

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