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Part of this support may include training sessions to help employees get the most out of the Assistive Technology software that has been recommended. Launchpad offers individually tailored, strategy-based training that can help employees overcome disability barriers in the workplace leading them to become more skilled, more efficient with their time and gain the confidence to realise their full career potential.

We want it to be a really rewarding, positive experience where technology is simplified, demystified and a pleasure to use. We will assess your needs and priorities and work together on strategies that will get you seeing results from day one.

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Launchpad Assistive Technology is also proud to be working with the wonderful team at
OPM Consulting, who are made up of experienced Occupational Psychologists, Coaches and HR experts.They have a long-standing background in managing neuro-diversity in the workplace and are passionate about making a difference for their dyslexic and neuro-diverse clients. Follow the link below to explore the brilliant services they offer.

OPM Consulting Dyslexia Services


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